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January Embers
January Embers
January Embers
January Embers
January Embers
January Embers
January Embers
January Embers

Rose Gold Vermeil

January Embers

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Bask in the cheerful glow of this gorgeous array of jewels, sure to spark your heart with the warmth of a winter fire. This ring features a gorgeous Nanosital stone, made to closely resemble the beauty of the famous Padparadscha Sapphire! 

Includes a velvet ring box, and a free polishing cloth. ♡ 


  • Nanosital - Simulated Padparadscha Sapphire 
  • Lab-created White Sapphire 
  • 14K Rose Gold Vermeil 

Solid gold options with genuine or lab Padparadscha Sapphire can be custom made upon request. Please email for more info. 

*Simulated gemstones are not the same as lab gemstones. They are not chemically identical or even similar to the original stone, but rather, made to simulate the look of the natural stone. This makes them a more budget friendly option for a similar look! 

*Lab gemstones are chemically identical to natural gemstones, but are grown in a laboratory rather than mined from the Earth. This sustainable method of growing and harvesting gemstones simulates the same conditions the stone naturally grows in, while also making it easier to ensure there were no harsh mining conditions or cruelty involved for workers throughout the supply chain. 

*Please carefully read our jewelry care instructions, for tips on taking care of fine jewelry. ~ 

Processing time: 3-5 business days*

*Solid 14K Gold Jewelry is made to order, and takes 2-4 weeks to process.

*Products labeled *preorder* take 4-6 weeks to process.

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