Jewelry Care Instructions

Properly caring for your jewelry is an absolute must to make the most of your purchase, and to avoid costly mistakes. Improper care and storage can put even the highest quality of jewelry at risk for damage!

Please avoid the “5 S’s” while wearing any jewelry:

  • Showering
  • Sleeping
  • Swimming
  • Sweating
  • Spraying

♡ Keep away from moisture, and remove before entering water of any kind. If your jewelry accidentally gets wet, don’t panic! Remove it immediately, and gently blot to dry.

♡ Remove jewelry when washing dishes, washing your hands, or using cleaning products or chemicals of any kind.

♡ Avoid use of oils, lotions, and perfumes near your jewelry. Apply cosmetics and let them dry before putting on your jewelry.

♡ Remove jewelry before exercising, using a sauna, or any other place with excessive heat.  If you sweat in your jewelry, clean it very gently with a polishing cloth as soon as you can, to remove any moisture or oils on the surface.

♡ Remove jewelry before sleeping. If you need, you can keep a jewelry box or dish near your bed to safely store while you sleep.

♡ When not in use, safely store in a jewelry box or dish... (If you have pets, make sure it has a lid)!

♡ Always store jewelry apart, never overlapping, to avoid scratching.

♡ For long trips and travel, seal jewelry in small individual bags, and store safely in a box. This will help to avoid scratching and oxidization/tarnish.

♡ Avoid high impact and tugging on jewelry. Fine metals like gold and silver are typically softer and more delicate than base metals, and should be handled with love and care.

To maximize your jewelry’s lifespan:

☆ Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before you leave the house, and the first thing you remove when you get home. ☆ 

Occasionally cleaning your jewelry with a polishing cloth is recommended. However, be careful not to rub too hard if your piece is plated, as this can accelerate the deterioration of the gold coating. 

**Frequently worn plated jewelry may need to be re-plated after a few years, even with proper care. Sterling silver is also prone to tarnish over time. For this reason, we do not recommend .925 jewelry for wedding rings, unless you are okay with the possibility of replacing it later. If you are looking for something that is permanent and durable, we highly recommend solid 14K gold

*Please Note: We offer free repairs/replacements for up to two weeks after your order is marked as delivered by USPS. After this time has elapsed, we are not responsible for the condition your piece is kept in! Please carefully read and remember these jewelry care instructions to make the most of your purchase.