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What is Vermeil?

What is Vermeil?

Vermeil jewelry consists of a high-quality 925 sterling silver base, coated with a thick layer of gold. This makes for a top-notch durable piece of jewelry at an accommodating price.

Gold vermeil is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking to build a luxurious jewelry collection without having to pay the hefty price tag of solid gold.

Why Choose Vermeil Over Gold-Plated Jewelry? 

Gold-plated jewelry is not the same as vermeil. It has a much thinner layer of gold, and is made using low quality base metals such as brass, copper, or nickel.

For jewelry to be legally considered vermeil, the gold coating must be at least 2.5 microns thick. This is far thicker than average gold-plated jewelry, which is not quality regulated.

Copper and nickel-based pieces of jewelry are well known to be the biggest allergens in mainstream jewelry. Since vermeil uses a base of sterling silver, it is hypoallergenic, and generally much safer for delicate skin. We take extra caution in ensuring that our gold vermeil jewelry never contains any reactive alloys or cheap filler metals. 

While it is sure to outlast gold plated jewelry, gold vermeil is still not as durable as solid gold, which is why solid gold is priced as high as it is. Perfume, dust, and cosmetics can cause the plating of gold vermeil to wear off over time. However, with care and a little maintenance, gold vermeil can keep its beautiful shine for a lifetime!