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Love is ever-changing, but remains ever so sweet. The same can be said about the mesmerizing color-changing beauty of the Alexandrite stone. 

This ring features a color shifting lab Alexandrite, which sometimes appears to glow green, blue, purple or red! It is adorned on both sides by three dainty white sapphire stones, which help pick up more light for the chameleon centerpiece. A unique gift for your Valentine, even if that Valentine is yourself!

Includes a velvet ring box, and a free polishing cloth. ♡


  • Lab-created Alexandrite
  • Lab-created White Sapphire
  • 14K Rose Gold Vermeil

*Lab gemstones are chemically identical to natural gemstones, but are grown in a laboratory rather than mined from the Earth. This sustainable method of growing and harvesting gemstones simulates the same conditions the stone naturally grows in, while also making it easier to ensure there were no harsh mining conditions or cruelty involved for workers throughout the supply chain.  

*Available in solid 14K gold upon request. Email info@lilaclily.com for more info. Serious inquiries only please!  

*Please carefully read our jewelry care instructions, for tips on taking care of fine jewelry. ~