Finding Your Ring Size

Finding Your Ring Size

Purchasing rings online might seem like a daunting task if you aren't quite sure what your measurements are. Here are some ways to determine your rings size from the comfort of your home!

A few things to note before you start:

  • Your finger actually fluctuates in size throughout the day, depending on the temperature around you. For the best accuracy, measure your finger a few times. 
  • Your fingers are all different sizes, even the same finger on the other hand. Make sure you measure the exact finger you are buying a ring for!
  • Take your knuckles into account! If you have larger knuckles, you may want to measure closer to the base of the knuckle, to be sure that your ring will be able to comfortably slide over it.

1. String or Floss

Find some string or floss. Wrap it around the base of your finger, and use a pen to mark where the string or floss overlaps. Make sure to not have the string too tight around your finger! You want to have a snug, yet comfortable fit. Next, place the string against a ruler, to figure out the size in millimeters.

String and floss can stretch, so be sure to not pull them too taut against the measuring tool, or your ring size will come out larger than what it actually is. This ring sizing chart from TheKnot is a great reference for what your ring size is, once you know the millimeters.


2. Use a Ring You Already Have at Home

If you already have a ring that fits you, you can use a chart to figure out what size it is. You can do so by using this online ring sizing chart, and following the steps on the screen, or by selecting to download the PDF, and print it out. If you decide to print out the chart, be sure to disable any scaling options on your printer, as to not distort the image and size!

Make sure to not match the circle with the outside of the ring, otherwise it will be too small. If you're stuck between two sizes, make sure to go a size up rather than a size down. 

3. Purchase a Ring Sizer

You can find various ring sizers online for fairly inexpensive prices. This ring sizer with sizes 1-13 is only $5.39 on Amazon, and has both U.S. and U.K. sizes. Another option is this ring sizer with sizes 1-17. It has U.K. and U.S. sizes, and is only $4.91. If you find other ring sizers online, be sure to check the reviews on accuracy! 

4. Use a Printable Ring Sizer

If all else fails, you can print out a paper ring sizer here. Be sure to follow the directions given on the paper to get the most accurate size. 


Whatever occasion you are shopping for, you can now feel confident in knowing that you'll be ordering the correct ring size! 

Please note: Many of our rings are adjustable ~ but did you know you can leave us a note at checkout with your size? We will adjust it to fit you right out of the box!


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